THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, ELECTRICOMICS, ORBITER new projects with Alan Moore and Warren Ellis


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES trade paperback just shipped! A whopping 416 pages with stories by me and B Clay Moore, Leah Moore and more, with art by a wide team of creators featuring Tony Shasteen and Cat Staggs (and one by me). This is 39 issue in ONE massive trade, and it looks fantastic. Great bargain on these stories too, less than 64 cents per tale! I did not know the book would be this big and gorgeous! Perfect gift for Christmas!


If your comic shop doesn’t have it, it is available for preorder online. It should also be in all major bookstores soon.

Cover art for Alan Moore and Electricomics

Pen and ink by me, colors by Jose Villarrubia.


ORBITER/OCEAN Deluxe Edition

DC/Vertigo is doing a new, deluxe edition of ORBITER and OCEAN, two graphic novels by Warren Ellis. I did the art for ORBITER. It’s had a few printings, but been out of print for about two years. This new edition will include some of my previously unpublished sketches including this cover prelim. Of course, most of the doodles are not half so elaborate as this, and I don’t think I kept copies of all my prelims. Who knew there’d be all these Deluxes and Absolutes and all that stuff 15 years later? Well, I didn’t.