Colleen Doran to teach online Masterclass on creating Neil Gaiman’s TROLL BRIDGE graphic novel

“In this masterclass US comics extraordinaire Colleen Doran dissects her new graphic novel Troll Bridge, an adaptation from a Neil Gaiman short story. Colleen will discuss the creative decision-making process, and then will break the story down panel by panel. She will not only focus on HOW she adapted the story from its source material, but also on WHAT has been written and illustrated in each panel and WHY, paying special attention to scripting, art style, colour palette, layouts and panel points of view, dynamic, emotional resonance and more.

The “Comics Stripped Bare™” series is a new Comics Mastermind™ creative initiative that works on the presumption that in order to truly understand something you need to pull it apart. October 21, 2 hours, online. 10-12 PM Sydney Australia time.”
More information can be found HERE. Prices and schedule at the link.

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ALSO, I will be out of the country for a few weeks working on a project, but will stay in touch via social media.

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