Colleen Doran at New York Comic Con!

If you come looking for me in ARTIST ALLEY, please be advised I am with my agency THE ARTISTS CHOICE and we have the prime location right at the entrance! Booth N107! I’ll be there with other top industry artists represented by the incomparable SPENCER BECK. I have books and original art. I’m not going to have the new prints, because my computer video chip died last week and we were unable to upload images to our printer in time.

Here is the location of our booth. N107 THE ARTISTS CHOICE. Walk in the door to Artists Alley, we are right in front of you.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.39.07 PM

Super easy to find!

All of your commissions and bookmarks will be ready to pick up, all books you wanted set aside for you.

I will have copies of the NEW A DISTANT SOIL digitally remastered trade, and THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS, originally published by Marvel and returning with ALL NEW installments next year from Image. I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy.

I’ll also have a selection of vintage comics I’ve worked on for reasonable prices, from SANDMAN to LEGION OF SUPERHEROES!

A DISTANT SOIL 39-41 will be at the show as well. A DISTANT SOIL 42 is at the printer.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you!

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