Recent works by Colleen include art for Stan Lee’s autobiography AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE STAN LEE a #1 the New York Times bestseller; an upcoming graphic novel with Neil Gaiman for Dark Horse entitled TROLL BRIDGE due in September 2016; cover art for THE WALKING DEAD, Alan Moore’s BIG NEMO for ELECTRICOMICS, art and stories for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES comics series from DC Comics, based on the hit television show; cover art for SHIELD at Marvel, also based on the hit television show.

She also contributed cover art to SPECTRUM, the comic based on the hit web show CON MEN starring Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, Marvel’s SQUIRREL GIRL #7, and interior art for recent issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001.


From DC Comics/Vertigo

Gone to Amerikay made the School Library Journal Best Adult Books for Teens list of 2012 It was also the only mainstream publication to be listed in The Best American Comics for 2013.

MangaMan was was listed in the 2012 Young Adult Library Association Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

Awards / Honors

Hugo Award Nomination: Chicks Dig Comics 2013 (group nomination)
Best American Comics 2013: Gone to Amerikay
Best Adult Books for Teens 2012, School Library Journal: Gone to Amerikay
Young Adult Library Association Great Graphic Novels for Teens 2012: Mangaman
International Horror Guild Award: Thomas Ligotti: The Nightmare Factory
Eisner Award Best Anthology: Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo
Chesley Award Nominee
Eisner Winner Tori Amos: Comic Book Tattoo (Best Anthology – group award)
Harvey Winner tor Amos: Comic Book Tattoo (Best Anthology – group award)
Eisner Award Nominee: Sandman (group nomination)
Delphi Institute Grant Award
American Representative Japan/America Manga Seminar, Tokyo 1996
American Library Association, featured speaker 2002
Spectrum Award Nominee
Featured Speaker, Funchal, Portugal Book Festival 2008
Artist in Residence Smithsonian Institution 2006
Featured Speaker Singapore Writers Festival 2005
Harvey Award Best Anthology: Comic Book Tattoo
Guest of Honor, San Diego Comic Con
Featured Speaker, CREATE: Protecting Creativity From The Ground Up
Multiple Awards and Honors, exhibits, Science Fiction, Comic, and Fantasy art shows
Comics Masterclass sponsored by The Australian Society of Authors, Sydney Australia 2011
Maryland Institute College of Art, Guest Lecturer, 2013
Brooklyn Book Festival, Speaker, 2012


Four Color Images Gallery, New York, NY
Kunstlerhaus, Stuttgart, Germany
Porto, Portugal
Secession Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Gijon Cultural Center, Gijon, Spain
San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
Museum of Cartoon Art, Rye Brook, New York
Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics

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Because Colleen has such an extensive credit list, and her work spans more than two decades, it is almost impossible to compile a complete index. Individual trading cards and single illustrations were especially hard to track. Some projects have been removed at her request.

Most of this list covers her illustrations, though some stories are works she wrote as well.

There are many books that discuss Colleen’s work, or mention her place in pop culture history, such as The 101 Best Graphic Novels by Steve Weiner, Flee Puny Humans! The Comic Book Heaven Collection by Scott Saavedra, Image Comics: The Road to Independence by George Khoury, and Comic Book Culture: Fanboys and True Believers (Studies in Popular Culture) by Matthew J. Pustz. We haven’t had a chance to go over all of them, so we’ve just listed a few here. A search on major bookseller sites like Amazon will help you get a better idea of the content of these books. The direct link to order books and graphic novels by Colleen is here.

Thanks to comics historian Allan Harvey for all of his hard work!
© 2016 Allan Harvey

Books/Trade Paper Backs

A Not So Foreign Affair: Fascism, Sexuality, and the Cultural Rhetoric of American Democracy (Duke University Press) by Andrea Slane (illustration)

Absolute Death (DC) (2009)

Absolute Sandman Volume 1 (DC) (2007) (oversized, includes reprint of

Absolute Sandman Volume 2 (DC) (2006) (oversized, includes reprint of
#34 with new inks by Colleen

Alan Moore Songbook (reprints from Negative Burn)

Anne Rice’s The Master of Rampling Gate (Innovation) (1991) (Anne Rice

Anime Mania – Christopher Hart (2002) (‘how to’ illustrations by Colleen
– see also Manga Mania

Art of Robotech 2, The (Donning) (1987)

Art of Star Wars Galaxy Volume 2 (1994) (reprints trading card art –
one piece by Colleen

Big Book of Bad (DC) (one story)

Big Book of Grimm (DC) (one story)

Big Book of Martyrs (DC) (one story)

Big Book of Scandals (DC) (one story)

Big Book of the 70s (DC) (one story)

Big Book of Sleaze (DC) (one story)

Big Book of Vice (DC) (one story)

Big Book of Wild Women (DC) (one story)

The Book of Lost Souls (Mvl) TPB (collection of issues 1-6)

Call Me Princess (CPM) (collection includes an introduction by Colleen)

A Century of Women Cartoonists – Trina Robbins (Colleen mentioned w/art)

Character Design For Graphic Novels (Focal Press) by Steve Withrow (interview
w/ art

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser (tpb – reprints from comic)

Colleen Doran – Aaron Rosenberg (The Library of Graphic Novelists) (extremely
flawed unauthorized ‘biography’

Comic Book Artists (Malloy) (1993) (short profile)

The Comic Book Rebels (1993) (interview)

Dead in the West – Joe R Lansdale (Night Shade Books) (novel with cover
by Colleen

A Distant Soil (Starblaze/Donning)

1: Immigrant Song (1987) (colour) (reprinted in Aria ADS #1-4)

2: Knights of the Angel (1989) (colour) (reprinted in Aria ADS #5-11)

A Distant Soil: The Gathering (Image) (1997) (reprints
Aria ADS #1-13 with minor art revisions

A Distant Soil: The Ascendant (1998) (reprints Aria/Image ADS #15-25
with minor art corrections

A Distant Soil: The Aria (2001) (reprints Image ADS #26-31 with minor
art corrections

(all volumes available
in TPB, HC, Remarqued HC, Lettered State HC/slipcase

ADS 14 was a sketchbook issue with no story material

A Distant Soil: Coda (Image) (2006) (reprints Image ADS #32-38 with
minor art corrections

A Distant Soil: The Gathering Definitive Edition (Image) (2013) (digitally remastered editions, reprints A Distant Soil 1-12 with corrections, updates, and new design)

A Distant Soil: The Ascendant The Definitive Edition (Image) (2014) (digitally remastered editions, reprints A Distant Soil 12-23 with corrections, updated, and new design)

Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee (Touchstone/Simon and Schuster) (2015) (the New York Times #1 graphic novel bestseller)

Chicks Dig Comics (anthology of essays, Colleen Doran contributor, book nominated for 2012 Hugo Award)

Drawing Action Comics – Lee Townsend (Colleen listed as ‘Consultant

Essential X-Factor (Marvel) (Colleen Doran pencils, one story, reprints X-Factor 55)

Excalibur: The Cross-Time Caper (Mvl) TPB (includes reprint of
Excalibur #28

Fortune’s Friends (Starblaze/Donning) 1987 GN

From Girls to Grrlz – Trina Robbins (Colleen mentioned w/ art)

Girl to Grrrl Manga – Colleen Doran (Art how-to book on Manga techniques)

The Great Women Super-Heroes – Trina Robbins (Colleen mentioned w/ art)

Hanging Out With the Dream King: Interviews with Neil Gaiman and his Collaborators (Fantagraphics
(interview w/ art)

Invaders from Below (Iron Crown Enterprises) role-playing game book (illustrations

I Who Volume 1 (one illustration)

Komacon (Image Comics) (anthology Colleen Doran short story writer)

Making Comics – Scott McCloud (Colleen mentioned w/ art)

Manga Mania -Christopher Hart (2001) (How to draw in the manga
style – Colleen is primary contributor

Manga Pro Superstar – Colleen Doran (Impact) (How-to book on Manga art

The Nightmare Factory (Harper) 2007 (one story only) GN

9-11 vol 2(DC) (2002) (single illustration)

Orbiter (DC/Vertigo) (2003) GN

Poems for the Dead (?)

Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud (Colleen mentioned w/art)

Sandman Companion: Hy Bender (includes interview w/ Colleen and art)

Sandman vol 3: Dream Country (includes reprint of Sandman #20)

Sandman volume 5:A Game of You (includes reprint of
Sandman #34

Sandman Omnibus volume 1 (DC/Vertigo) (2013) (includes reprint of Sandman #20 and #34)

Sexy Chix (Dark Horse) (2006) (short story)

Sketch Manga (Impact) (reprints Colleen Doran illustrations from Manga Pro Superstar and Girl to Grrrl Manga)

Spider-Man: Back in Black (Mvl) (2007) (reprint of Friendly Neighborhood
Spider-Man Annual

Straight on ‘Til Morning (Cemetery Dance) by Christopher
Golden (illustration)

Strip AIDS USA (Eclipse) (1988) (short story)

The Teen Titans Omnibus #3 (2012) (reprint of individual issues of New Teen Titans and Teen Titans Spotlight)

Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo (Image Comics) (2008) (short story)

Two-Fisted Science (GT Labs) (1997) (one page story only)

Ultimate Silver Surfer (illo only)

Ultimate Spider-Man (illo only)

Ultimate Super-Villains (illo only)

Understanding Comics Scott McCloud (Colleen mentioned w/ art)

The Vampire Diaries (reprints 3 stories written and/or drawn by Colleen, and a pin-up painting)

Vertigo Visions (one illustration)
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Womanthology (anthology, essay and interview)


Agents of Law (Dark Horse) (1995) #3 (one chapter)

Amazing Spider-Man, The (Marvel) (1989) #326

Amazing Spider-Man, The (Marvel) #600

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (DC) (1985) #12

Aquarium (CPM) (2000) #1 (alternate cover)

Beauty and the Beast (Disney) (1991) (movie adaptationreprinted
as Cartoon Tales

Big Nemo (Electricomics) (2015) webcomic

The Book of Lost Souls (Marvel/Icon) (2005) #16 (series
artist, pencils & inks
) (reprinted in TPB) Issue 7 completed, not published.

Call Me Princess (CPM) (1999) #1 (alternatecover)
(see also trade paperback)

Captain America: The Drug Wars (Mvl) (1994) #1

Captain America: AAP Playball (Mvl) (1992?) #1 (educational)

Captain Atom (DC) (1991) #51

Captain Awareness (2D Graphics) (1998) #1 (pin-up)

Cartoon Tales – Beauty & the Beast (Disney) (reprints the movie

Cerebus (Aardvark-Vanaheim) (1986) #91 (back up story)

Christmas with the Super-Heroes (DC) (1989) #2 (one

Creepy (Harris) (1992) #2, #3 (one chapter each)

Cyblade/Shi#1 (pin-up)

Darkworld Vampires (Millennium) (1995) (two pages)

Dart (Image) (1996) #1 (pin-up)

Death Gallery (DC/Vertigo) one shot (pin-up only)

A Distant Soil (1983-86) #1-9 (an early comic
book version of the story – later completely rewritten and redrawn for later publication

A Distant Soil (Aria Press/Image) (1991- ) #139 (current as of April 2013, now bimonthly from Image Comics, to conclude with issue 50) (1-11
reprint both Donning GNs with substantial additions

Eclipso (DC) (1993) #10

Empty Love Stories (Funny Valentine Press) (1999) (one story)

Excalibur (Marvel) (1990) #28

Fallen Angels (unreleased Marvel Comics production)

Forbidden Tales (2001) #1 (10-page colour story – “Three
Black Hearts”

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1 (Mvl) (2007)
(back up story – “Leah”)

Girl Comics
(Marvel) (2010) #2 (pinup)

Ghost (Dark Horse) (1995) #3 (one chapter)

Grimjack (First) (1985) #27 (Munden’s Bar story)

Guardians of the Galaxy Annual (Mvl) (1993) #3

Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Mvl) (~1987) (various

Hawkman Annual (DC) #2 (pin-up)

Hellraiser, Clive Barker’s (Mvl/Epic) (1990) #5, #14 (these
were collected in a tpb

Justice League 3001 (DC Comics) #6 (2015) (pencils/inks)

Images of A Distant Soil (Aria Press) (1997) #1 (includes
ADS story “R&R” reprinted from WaRP Annual

Kabuki Gallery (Caliber) (1995) (pin-up)

Knuckles (Archie) (1998) #30, #31, #32 (3-part
back-up story

Legionnaires (DC) (1993) #8

Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 3 Baxter)(1986) #27 (one
chapter – reprinted in Tales of the LSH #352

Legion of Super-Heroes (vol 4) DC (1992) #31 (primary
artist on story with finishes by Curt Swan
), (1996) #100 (pin-up)

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual (DC) #5 (1994) (one chapter
), #6 (1995) (pin-up)

Lucifer #62 (DC) (2006)

Marvel Girl Comics #2 (Marvel) (2010)

Marvel Fanfare (1st series) (Mvl) #39, #55 (one
story in each

Musings (Caliope Comics) (1993) #1 (sketches of “The

Mutant X2000 (Mvl) (2000) (Annual)

Negative Burn (Caliber) #14 (Alan Moore Songbook illustrations), #37 (reprint?)

Neil Gaiman Convention Booklet (1993) (one autobiographical story)

Nestrobber (1994) #1, #2 (illustrations
for back up feature

New Teen Titans Annual (DC) (1988) #4 (one chapter)

Nightbreed (Mvl/Epic) (1991) #21, #22

Nightwing Annual (DC) #1 (pin-up)

Normalman/Megaton Man Special #1 (pin-up)

Power Pack (Mvl) (2000) #14

Red Sonja (Dynamite) (2013) (Colleen alternate cover artist, pencils/inks)

Reign of the Zodiac (DC) (2003-04) #16,
#8 (Colleen was co-creator and regular penciller)

Renegade Romance (Renegade) (1988) #2 ( “Eugenie” –
reprinted with corrections in ADS #34

Sandman (DC/Vertigo) (1990/1992) #20, #34 (both
reprinted in Sandman collections

Sandman: A Gallery of Dreams (DC) (pin-up)

Secret Origins Annual (DC) (1989) #3 (story chapter)

Shade the Changing Man (2nd series) (DC) (1990) #2729, #31, #32 (regular
penciller for story arc

portrait_incredibleS.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel) #4 (2014) (variant cover painting)

Silver Surfer (Mvl) (1994) #89

Silver Surfer Annual (Mvl) (1994) #6 (pin-up)

Sonic (Archie) (1998) #69 (pin-up)

Sonic Super Special (Archie) (1998) #11 (one story)

Squirrel Girl #7 (Mvl) 2016 (cover painting)

Starchild (Talesin Press) (1993) #0 (one page splash)

Star Trek (DC) (2nd series) (1992) #24 (pin-up

Superman: The Man of Steel Gallery (DC) (1995) (pin-up)

Swords of the Swashbucklers (Mvl/Epic) (1986) #9, #11

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes (DC) (1986) # 352 (reprints
Legion #27

Teen Titans Spotlight (DC) (1985) #19

Transmetropolitan (DC/Vertigo) ? (one page splash)

Valor (DC) (1994/5) #1423 (Colleen regular

Vampire Companion (Innovation) (1991) #2 (preview for
Master of Rampling Gate

vampdiariesThe Vampire Diaries (2013) #1 (Writer)

The Vampire Diaries (2013) #3 (Writer)

The Vampire Diaries (2014) #6 (Writer, Pencils/Inks)

Vampirella Pin-up Special (Harris) #1 (pin-up)

The Walking Dead #1 (Image) (2015) Variant cover art, BW and Cover Painting.

Warrior Nun Areala Portraits #1 (pin-up)

Who’s Who (DC) (1985) #7 (Element Lad) (1990)
#7(Element Lad)

Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes (DC) (1988) #1-5,
#7 (various illustrations)

Wonder Woman (DC) (1990) #45, #49

Wonder Woman Annual (DC) (1989) #2 (one chapter)

Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story (DC) (1998)

X-Factor (Marvel) (1990) #55

X-Men Millennial Visions (2001) (pin-up/article only)

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Distance (unreleased Sony/Pulp Studios animated production)

Mainstream Raw: Colleen Doran (2004)

Mainstream Raw: Scenes from the Small Press (2003)

Prisoners of Gravity: Interview

Ringers Lord of the Fans (2004)

Sex, Lies and Super-Heroes (2003)

The Cartoonist (2009) Mills James Productions

Sci-Fi Channel: various interviews


A Distant Soil online

Colleen Doran online

Super Idol (2001) (web-only strip with
script by Warren Ellis

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Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (Fantagraphics) #115, #164 (pin-ups)

Amazing Spoof Heroes Swimsuit Special #4 (Fantagraphics) (pin-up)

The Best of Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special (Fantagraphics) (reprints)

Comics Forum #17 (interview/UKCAC)

CFD Cover and interior illustration (two issues)

Comics Interview #15 (interview)

Disney Adventures Disney (Beauty and the Beast feature)

Hero (various illustrations, features, articles, interviews)

Hogan’s Alley #9 (interview)

Small Press Swimsuit Spectacular #1 (pin-up)

Star Wars Magazine ? (various illustrations)

UKCAC 1998 Convention booklet (1998) (illustration)

Wizard Magazine(various illustrations, features, interviews)

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Creator’s Alternate Universe Trading Cards (A Distant Soil card

Indiana Jones Heritage Sketch Cards

The Lord of the Rings Masterpieces Trading Cards I

The Lord of the rings Masterpieces Sketch Cards II

Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Cards I

Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Cards II

Robotech 2 (1985) poster

Sandman Trading Card Set (three cards)

Shi Trading Cards (one card)

Spider-Man Stamp Collection (children’s stamp kit – includes booklet
with art

Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards (card #221 of series 2 – reprinted in

Star Wars Clone Wars Trading Cards

Vampirella Calendar (Harris) (1996) (one image from the Vampi pin-up

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