I am very busy.

The thing about getting everything you ever wanted: when you get it all at once, it’s kind of overwhelming.

I am doing projects with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, J Michael Straczysnki and Matt Hawkins. Not all at the same time, but each is fit next to the other, and each has to occupy a bit of my head space. Like dominoes, any screw up could send them into a tumble. I’m trying to maintain my happy work zone and am ruthlessly pruning distractions. Even my gardening has had to be set aside. I’ve only planted about half my space this year, and of that, only a few plants are veggies!

I’ll be at Denver Comic Con late next week, which I thought would be my only show this year, but I will also do a smaller show in CT in August. That’s going to be it for the year. At Denver, I’ll be giving out 250 free copies of the first of the Marvel Comics edition of THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS, so be one of the first 250 people at my booth and get a goodie! THE BOOK OF LOST SOULS will return to IMAGE COMICS with J Michael Straczynski and me in 2015!

I’m posting a few goodies to ebay
, and will keep my bookstore open for awhile longer, as long as it doesn’t interfere with work, that is!

All of my book orders are up to date, so if you placed any order any time in the last 30 days, you should have it soon.

I am not up to date on commissions, and will accept no more commissions this year. I will, however, make some nice character sketches available on ebay as time goes on. Check back frequently.

I look forward to posting some of these commissions here, as they are all high end, and I am able to do my very best on them. I just have too much going on to take any more at this time. However, I truly appreciate every one of them, and all of my patrons are much appreciated!

Tomorrow THE VAMPIRE DIARIES #6 is in stores! I wrote it and drew it for DC Comics! Get it while it’s hot!


And before I run off, here is a biggity big interview with me at Comic Book Resources.

I may not have much time to make a lovely garden on the grounds, but the garden on the deck is inviting. I hope to be able to spend more time drawing here!