A DISTANT SOIL new digitally remastered trade paperback in stores today! REVIEW and REC news.

I am very happy to announce the new A DISTANT SOIL trade paperback is in stores again, after years of being out of print and unavailable.

As many of my readers already know, our printer lost all our archives during a bankruptcy. This is nothing personal, this affected a number of publishers and creators. It took years of rooting around to find original art, as well as finding the just the right person for the huge restoration task for art we could not find. Allan Harvey has spent hundreds of hours working on restoring the art, and did such a great job, industry experts were unable to tell which pages were shot from originals and which were shot from restored scans.

It’s taken us years to get back on track, and not only is the new volume out today, but Volume II (which, in my humble opinion,) is even better, comes out in December. Issue 41 of A DISTANT SOIL ships August 28. Our final issue is issue 50.

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Now in comic shops everywhere! Thank you EVERYONE for your patience and support!

THE NEW YORK POST lists A DISTANT SOIL as a hot pick of the week!

…painstakingly remastered collection of Colleen Doran’s lush, sensual and complicated first Distant Soil storyline.

LADIES MAKING COMICS has this very extensive and thoughtful review
that goes into many aspects of the work I don’t think I’ve ever seen mentioned in reviews before. I really appreciate this kind of depth. A fair look at the flaws as well as the successes.

A Distant Soil has all the right elements to be a YA SF/F phenomenon (with an enormous adult crossover audience) if comics were read as widely as prose— an unsuspecting teenage girl with a destiny and the fate of multiple worlds on her shoulders, beautiful people with superhuman abilities, a strong supporting cast of people you can root for (and—let’s be honest—ship), gorgeous costumes that beg to be cosplayed— but unlike the books that glut the YA market today, Colleen Doran did it 25 years ago and broke rules that hadn’t even been set down yet. That alone makes A Distant Soil worth reading.

COMICOSITY recc’s it here!

COMICS BEAT calls it a MUST BUY for August.

…it was on the cutting edge of the first blush of indie comics publishing, it was one of the earliest manga-influenced US comics, and one of the first comics to have a woman doing everything from writing to publishing.

And another thoughtful review here at the ECCENTRIC ONLINE LIBRARIAN.

This really is a full fledged space opera of vast proportions – the story mainly following a sibling pair who have supernatural powers and, it turns out, are illicit heirs to an intergalactic empire of unimaginable power – an empire that is built upon enslaving worlds. There are elaborate caste systems, magic, technology, and then the fantasy: from Arthurian myths to an Egyptian cat goddess. The artwork in the beginning will be very definitely set in the 1980s but don’t let that distract you – once we get to the alien ship, the drawings and set up are absolutely gorgeous.