Thank you.

Many people come to my website after seeing the show Stalked: Someone’s Watching.

Thank you so much to the Producers of Stalked for all their hard work, and thank you to all the people who have sent their words of support. For obvious reasons, I can’t answer all your notes, but I sincerely appreciate every single one of them.

If have questions about stalking, Isuggest you consult many of the online resources available. The show Stalked: Someone’s Watching also has advice you can read here.

I don’t want to give any more information than is already available about the antics and identity of the man who stalked me. I’ve been revealing enough as it is. My intention is not to direct people toward him or to seek revenge. I only want him to leave me alone, and ensure he never hurts anyone else.

I am grateful the show brings awareness to stalking and the terrible impact it has on victims. Everyone who knows and loves someone who is stalked has to deal with this torture. We’re all victims of this crime.

Thank you.