Elf King Art for Christchurch Earthquake Relief

I hope you like this art enough to buy a t-shirt. Because I have donated all proceeds from the sale of this image to THEONERING.NET’s efforts to raise money to help the people of Christchurch, New Zealand. Get t-shirts, prints, posters, cards, and even an iPad case. Which I want.

This color art has never been available before, and I will never make this image available for sale anywhere else.

For more information about the Christchurch earthquake, go HERE.

The shallow 6.3 magnitude quake centred at the port town of Lyttelton struck at 12.51pm last Tuesday, killing at least 154 people, with police expecting the final toll to reach “around 240”.

BTW, you can CUSTOMIZE the way you want the art to appear on the product, such as moving the image about, making it larger or smaller, and adding text. If you don’t like white borders on your postcard, or greeting card, just move the image about, and they are gone.

For example, the iPad case shown has a wide border around the image.

I designed mine to fill the entire item:

The direct link to the ZAZZLE shop is here.
Please consider buying at least one postcard or other item for the benefit of the people of Christchurch. Thank you.