Barry Lyga at NYC Teen Author Festival

Barry Lyga is the writer of the upcoming graphic novel I illustrated for Houghton Mifflin. Sorry, I can’t tell you the title! It’s all top secret.

It won’t be out for months and months, but I have in my hot little hands the galley the publisher sent for pre-publication approval. It is so exciting to have a new graphic novel coming out! I have been working on several graphic novels for years and they will all be finished within a twelve month period. So after flying below the radar since 2007, it will look as if I did a ton of work overnight when all this comes out.

Here is the info about Barry’s appearance at the Teen Author Festival.

I am within about 3-4 months of finishing off two other graphic novels, and I just signed a contract for a third with Dark Horse Comics. The book is an adaptation of a short story by a New York Times bestselling novelist. Once again, I can’t give you any details, except to say this will be the first fully painted GN I have done since 1991! Holy cow. My first was…um…uneven work, but I look forward to doing my best on this new project. I am very excited about it.

At the frustrating stage of near-completion on two GN’s, these coming weeks promise to be leg gnawing experiences. I will drink too much coffee and eat too much chocolate.