Stan Lee Graphic Novel Memoir


I am doing the original art for Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee’s graphic novel memoir. Not only is this an incredible honor, but I have the great pleasure of working with an adaptation by Peter David, and colorist Bill Farmer, comics archivist and restoration specialist Allan Harvey who is also handling production tasks (and, as many of you know, handles the incredibly workload of restoring my magnum opus A Distant Soil,) and our last minute addition to the team Rantz Hoseley, who is pinch hitting on some backgrounds late in the book.

The deadline on this project is incredibly tight, and for the first time in two decades, I am working at classic comic artists speed: dozens of pages a month, far more than I have produced in years. The art is much cartoonier and broader than any work I’ve done in a long time, and it is super fun to work in this open, breezy style. However, as you may imagine, the pressure of the production demands are incredibly stressful!

I almost didn’t take the project because I wasn’t sure I could handle the workload, but it is really exciting to know that I can actually work at Kirby speed! It really forces you to think differently about your process.

Here is an article about the project in the Lost Angeles Times!

As many of you know, I had a lot of health problems for some years, and it is really great to be back in the saddle and producing even better than I did at my peak in 1994! I already have a full slate for the rest of the year, even though one other project fell through. I don’t wait long to find other things, to do! So more announcements to come!

I’ll be finished with the Stan Lee book soon.

In the meantime, find me at Derby City Comic Con in late June!

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